Local Talents explore and show you how people think and what they do with your product & service 

Design Ethnography

Contexto helps you to understand the needs, barriers and opportunities in destinations. You wil know how the users are using your products & services locally. How customers communicate about your innovations in different languages. Which experience drives a particular product or guides a multicultural group.

Our local Talents innovate in context for your project.

Applied Anthropology


Talents analyse your users, customers or employees and focus on what is at stake for both ‘you’ and 'them’. We use professional anthropological empathy and participatory design methods to engage contextual contact.

How can a local Talent help?

  • Prototype test locally with user-centered design
  • Local co-creation increases applicability and impact
  • Analysis of local user insight that will qualify the basis of your decision-making and your new initiatives
  • Testing and developing locally concrete solutions together with the users
  • Evaluation of the impact of a local initiative or a new venture in a promise land 
  • Experiences shared and new initiatives
  • Local Product Announcement
  • Local Surveys
  • Multilingual Human Experiences