3D Scanning for Insurance and Restoration

Whether you’re an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster, restoration company, or property owner, Matterport delivers accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuations. Save time, cut costs, and close claims much faster.

Get the Matterport Advantage

3D walkthroughs provide accurate, easy-to-use documentation that can serve as a single source of truth from initial policy decisions through claims handling.

Our platform helps you reduce time spent in the field, rectify discrepancies in damage claims, and save time.

Comprehensive documentation for insurance and restoration professionals

There's no need for hundreds of photographs, measurements, repeat site visits, and written statements with 3D walkthroughs. You can provide comprehensive loss documentation in an indisputable single source of truth. 

Increase topline revenue by offering the most accurate documentation

Speed up claim approvals and close cases faster with more thorough documentation

Decrease the number of policyholder breakage claims with a pre-mitigation scan that captures everything in its current state.

Court-admissible documentation for insurance adjusters that saves time

Matterport’s 3D data platform generates walkthroughs, schematic floor plans, and other assets to save you time and ensure you get fair settlements.

Create court-admissible documentation with spaces that cannot be manipulated.

Adjust jobs remotely and reduce time traveling to sites.

Reduce sketch time by up to 70%.

Bring the jury to the scene with 3D walkthroughs.

Improve negotiation for clients with the most meticulous documentation and background information possible.

Accurate, updatable documentation throughout the insurance cycle

Insure with the most comprehensive pre-loss asset documentation and risk management with the digital twin that allows for more informed and accurate underwriting practices.

Reduce the initial risk of insuring a building and eliminating the need for physical reinspection.

Unbeatable documentation accuracy for higher quality assessments compared to an outsourced inspection.

Add policy and claims notes directly into the 3D model.

Get a complete record of your property’s condition.

Accurate inventory of personal items and other assets within your home or building.  

Reduce discrepancies and disputes with insurance carriers.

Speed up the entire claims process, reducing the need to provide documentation or receipts in some instances.


Highest accuracy for insurance carrier documentation

Improving the thoroughness of records when processing claims reduces discrepancies and time lost resolving issues.

Better accuracy reduces the claim cycle to create a better customer experience for policyholders.

Increase operational transparency with the ability to share links of 3D spaces to different stakeholders.

Boost adjuster speed and precision to review and navigate the loss remotely with exact property dimensions.

Improve catastrophic (CAT) event response when in-house field adjusting teams are stretched thin. Tap into the Matterport Capture Services™ network, and help people return to their homes sooner and get businesses up and running faster.

Detailed and immersive documentation for forensics professionals

Capture a building or space exactly as is and gather the most accurate documentation and measurements possible. Matterport can help you provide indisputable evidence while reducing interruptions to restoration work.

Create court-admissible documentation with scans that cannot be manipulated.

Memorialize the scene and avoid scene spoilage.

Bring the jury to the scene with 3D walkthroughs.

Guarantee confidentiality and authenticity with face blurring and time stamps.

Save time and improve accuracy with schematic floor plans and measurement tools.

Design  & Insurance

P&C claims adjuster, insurer or renovation and rehabilitation professionals, Contexto Global offers you the essential tools that will save you time and thus money

TruePlan for Matterport integrated with your claims management software allows you to work your claims serenely on precise drawings. On any damaged space and this directly from the 3D models generated by Scanmyplace.
The plans are moreover downloadable on a large number of software:
Xactimate™ from Verisk™
and many others...

Contexto Global offers you to save time and money by automating the entire 3D imaging of your claims.
Experts can now use 3D virtual expertise. Thus guaranteeing to the insured an irreproachable quality of service. And this is achieved in a very reasonable time for the insured and the various parties involved in the settlement of claims.

Immersive Insurance Valuation

Valuation of your Business Assets for Insurance Purposes


There is no better time than right now to review your company's insurance coverage. Have you expanded or downsized since your last policy review? Do you know if your business is properly covered in case of an accident, litigation, or loss? An Insurance Appraisal can be a vital tool to a company when making insurance decisions.

Insurance is a financial protection that a business purchases to allow it to take risks while protecting all interested parties from loss. From fire to theft, natural or man-made causes, there are hundreds of ways that a business property can be damaged or destroyed. Without the proper insurance, a business may find itself in the unfortunate predicament of having to pay out-of-pocket for repairs or reconstruction while continuing mortgage payments to its lender for the now damaged property.

For most companies, insurance is just another bill that comes in and gets paid month after month. We know we have to have it, we know why we have to have it, but unless we are paying that monthly bill or involved in a claim, insurance is far from our minds. Do you know if you're properly covered in case of an accident, litigation, or loss? An Insurance Appraisal can be a valuable aid to a company when deciding how much insurance to carry or determining if you are carrying too much insurance and premiums. 


The Insurance Appraisal has been recognized as a valuable tool for any size company in assisting with determining the amount of coverage a company needs. An insurance appraisal takes into consideration important factors necessary for planning and risk management including keeping premiums at a proper level and establishing proof of loss before a loss occurs.  

Most business property insurance companies use two different methods for determining the value of property:

Insurance Replacement Cost New (IRCN): the amount it takes to replace damaged or destroyed property with new buildings, equipment, and furnishings of like kind and quality; IRCN considers any improvements or upgrades; and
Actual cash value (ACV) or Sound Value: the replacement cost of property, less the accumulated depreciation for age and wear.

In very rare cases, Reproduction Cost New is requested. Reproduction Cost New estimates the cost to replicate a building, piece of equipment, or other property exactly as the original, using the same materials, without consideration of any upgrades or improvements.

Best Practices & Advantages of an Insurance Appraisal:

Ensures the correct level of coverage: The Insurance appraisal will demonstrate proper due diligence, as well as ensuring that the client is neither over-insured nor under- insured.

Provides current insurable replacement cost new values: The values required for insurance placement are specific to the industry. Other values do not apply, and estimates of Insurable Replacement Cost New are undocumented and generally unreliable.
Considers insurance exclusions unique to the policy: If provided to the appraiser, insurance exclusions are recognized and not included in the appraisal, resulting in a more accurate value.
Can provide Actual Cash Value (Sound Value) if required by policy: While most policies are written for Replacement Cost coverage, this depreciated value can be provided and documented in the appraisal report.
Provides an accurate property record: The appraisal will not only place a value on major machine units, but also capture values value of the minor plant equipment that supports the production units.
Provides construction details on buildings: Provides details on building type and construction, which is important when a facility has been expanded throughout the years.
Segregates property into specific buildings or locations in the event of a partial loss: Considers construction and placement of firewalls to properly segregate contents into a specific building location.
Provides proof of loss before the loss occurs: Detailed records of buildings and contents can be used to substantiate claim.
Eliminates unexpected co-insurance at the time of loss: Ensures that the full amount of a claim up to the policy limits can be expected, with no penalty for under insuring of the property.
Provides evidence for tax purposes to establish the amount of an uninsured loss: Assists in the determination and support of loss amounts in the event of any uninsured loss.
Provides Independent experts to assist with proof of loss and any subsequent valuation issues: Sobel Valuations LLC can be retained to support values contained within the appraisal report to assist with the claim preparation.

Over the years we have prepared insurance appraisals for chemical plants, law offices, office buildings, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, and construction equipment.