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Pricing & Payments Procedures

Last Updated: May 25 2018

Our Pricing & Payments Procedures may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Pricing & Payments Procedures on the Site. You are advised to consult this document regularly for any changes.


It is free to join Contexto as a Client or a Talent and there are no charges to post projects or to submit expressions of interest to work on projects.

The cost to deliver projects depends on the time and complexity of work, the client's budget and Talents' market rates. Clients can indicate a budget in their project briefs. It is usual practise for Talents and Clients to then discuss pricing alongside the scoping of the project and agreeing upon deliverables. The Contexto team can provide guidance to clients upfront regarding the usual price range for different projects types.

Contexto charges a base rate of 20% on top of an Talents' rates. We provide a platform and community where you can quickly and efficiently find, engage and pay high quality Talents.

Invoicing & Payments Process

Pricing and payments timeframes/milestones are agreed and formalised in a contract on the Contexto platform before work begins. The Client and Talent will agree whether payments will be made on a variable basis (monthly, weekly, daily or hourly) or on a fixed basis (based on deliverables and payments linked to milestones). Please note, projects less than €3,600 value (excluding commission) must be paid upfront. Payments will be held in escrow and only released to the relevant Talent upon confirmation from the Client that the Services have been satisfactorily delivered to the Client.

Variable projects

Talents submit a payment claim for Services via the Contexto platform.

Contexto has two cut-off dates every month where we process Talents' payment claims. The cut-off dates are on the middle Friday (closest to 14th of each month) and last Friday of each month. Approximately every 3 months, one invoice period will cover a 3 week period.

Payment claims can be submitted anytime until midnight Greenwich Time on the relevant cut-off date. Contexto will send payment claims via email on the next business day (usually a Monday) to Clients for approval subject to the Talent submitting a valid payment claim including in accordance with the project's requirements and other requirements requested by the Client (timesheets, expense receipts etc.).

If the Client does not either approve or dispute the payment claim within five (5) business days from the date Contexto emails the payment claim to the Client, the payment claim will be deemed to have been approved by the Client.

If the Client disputes the payment claim, the Talent will liaise with the Client and based on such liaison, the Talent will provide an amended payment claim to the Client via the Contexto platform.

Payments are released to Talents 10 business days after the relevant payment claim cut-off date provided in each case that the Client has not disputed the invoice and Contexto has received payment in cleared funds in respect of the invoice.

Contexto works with Clients to facilitate prompt payment of invoices.

Fixed deliverable projects

Talents will submit a payment claim upon agreed milestones and/or at the completion of deliverables as agreed with the Client in the Project Contract on the Contexto platform.

Projects less than €3,600 value must be paid upfront. Payments will be held in escrow and only released to the relevant Talent upon confirmation from the Client that the Services have been satisfactorily delivered to the Client.

Disputes around quality of work

Clients should let the Talent and our team know promptly if expectations aren't being met. Talents are responsible for ensuring that Clients' expectations are met in their delivery of Services.

Payment Methods

  • Client payments can be made through a number of mechanisms such as credit card or bank transfers. Our system utilizes industry-leading security measures, so you can feel comfortable that the payment is secure. Clients receive a confirmation and receipt for transactions and records of transactions can be found on the client dashboard.
  • Talents  can be paid by direct bank deposit, Stripe or PayPal.


End Pricing & Payment Policy




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