Contexto FAQ for Talents



  • What does Contexto do?

Contexto gives you warm leads in context for project work from a global network of businesses or public missions.

As a member of Contexto, you'll:

  • Gain control of your brand and manage it from one central & global dynamic place.
  • Have visibility over international client project and talent collaborative process.
  • Save time on non-effective sales, marketing and design activities and servicing poor leads.
  • Have access to Global Strategy, Design Thinking & Co-Making Tools.
  • Share time for with Contexto & Worldwide Talents.
  • Share resources. 
  • Win financial rewards.


·       How does Contexto work?

  1. Sign Up and create your profile
  2. Share Time with Contexto & Worldwide Talents.
  3. Browse and apply for projects posted by clients. If interested, clients will connect with you directly to find out more information and discuss the terms of the project work.
  4. Alternatively, clients may contact you directly to understand your interest, suitability and availability.
  5. Agree your Service Contract and invoice directly with clients
  6. As part of our Terms of Services, you need to provide Contexto with a Service Contract. Contexto charges clients a Pay Per Project fee of 20% on top of your agreed rate.
  7. Clients will give you reviews and ratings, boosting your credibility and building your brand.


·       How much does it cost to become a member of Contexto?

It's free for freelancers and firms to sign up and use the Contexto platform.



·       What if a client wants to re-engage me for ongoing support or another piece of project based work?

You will need to let us know if the project has been extended, or the client has engaged you for additional work within 12 months of the commencement of your original project. Please contact

Follow-on work within 1 year of your project's commencement is subject to Contexto's Pay Per Project fee which is payable by the Client.


·       How do I sign up to Contexto?

You can create an account here.


·       Am I qualified to join Contexto?

Freelancers and firms on Contexto have a proven track record of delivering and managing projects with great client results for clients.

They typically have the following characteristics:

  • Strong skills and experience in a functional area
  • Ability to get up to speed quickly and bring their experience working with businesses, big and small
  • Aren't afraid to roll-up-their sleeves to get things done
  • Have a passion for driving great business outcomes

In addition, we look for:

  • Case studies and recommendations from clients
  • Industry awards
  • Published thought leadership material



·       Do you cater for my area of expertise?

Our firms and freelancers typically specialise in:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Innovation
  • Ethnography
  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Human resources
  • PR and Marketing
  • Sales
  • Translating
  • Deal advisory
  • Technology



·       How do I delete my account?

Email asking that your account be deleted, and we'll delete all information associated with your account.


·       How am I paid?

All contracts and payments are handled directly with the client.


  • How do firms and freelancers typically structure their fee proposals?

Firms and freelancers may have different pricing arrangements depending on the industry and type of service provided. Typical pricing arrangements include:

  • Fixed pricing - Pay a set price for the deliverable.
  • Variable - Pay per hour or day.
  • Retainer - Pay a fixed fee per month, for an agreed number of hours worked.
  • Success based - Pay on commission or sliding fee based on a commercial outcome.

Contexto can provide you with guidance during negotiations by helping you understand common practise given the type of work and industry.



·       My employer prohibits employees from discussing professional matters outside our organization. Can I still join the Contexto network?

You cannot participate in the Contexto network in breach of any laws, regulations or obligations to third parties. If your employment policy prohibits discussing professional matters externally, you must not participate in the Contexto network. Please refer to our Terms & Service for any further clarification.


·       I'm a freelancer, how should I determine my rates?

Consider industry and national standards, your level of experience and the value you place on your time when deciding your rate. We generally say that your hourly rate (i.e. for a phone interview) should be 25% of your day rate.


·       What is a firm or freelancer's relationship with Contexto?

All members are independent contractors of Contexto. They act in their own capacity at all times and are not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint ventures of Contexto, at any point.




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