We define 'Design Thinking' as a systems-based approach to solving wicked problems with an emphasis on creativity, innovation, and a cross-disciplinary perspective. This form of creative problem-solving is gaining attention in several disciplines including business, engineering, and design, . Design thinking shows promise because it emphasizes human-centered (rather than economically or technologically driven) research and innovation; it advocates taking a systems-view which can lead to more holistic outcomes; it recommends tackling problems using cross-disciplinary approaches, and it emphasizes the need for creative solutions. Design Thinking is not just for designers, and when put into practice, it can keep your organization ahead of the innovation curve by:

  • Aligning your organization to a common goal
  • Helping diverse teams agree on a valuable common language that can aid in collaboration
  • Learning techniques that can help you manage challenging projects
  • Developing processes by which to execute solutions that improve profits, efficiency, and customer experience
  • Making design a key driver of innovation for your organization.


Workshop format:

This hands-on and interactive workshop is a simple introduction to the tools and techniques of design thinking and a deep dive into how to integrate it into your work culture and process. Small teams working with peers on practical business cases are an important aspect of this workshop. You will leave with a framework for innovation, a set of tools to use and share, and a practical way to put it to use tackling challenges you might face in your work immediately.
Attendees will learn about:

  • The fundamental principles design thinking and how it differs from design
  • Principles and components of design thinking
  • Simple, actionable tools and processes for each phase of the design process that you can implement immediately
  • How to use design thinking inside an organization for innovative outcomes
  • Adapting to your situation: how to integrate design thinking into your own work, your work with clients and/or teams, and work within an organization


You do not have to be a designer - these workshops are designed for anyone interested in a more human-centered approach to the job that they do.

Who should attend:

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