Co-creation increases applicability and impact

Prototype test with user-centered design

We convert insights into new initiatives that we test, adjust, select and adapt as prototypes. If you prototype test, you not gain knowledge, you also save development time and money. Not least, you ensure that the initiatives you want to introduce, make sense in the real-world context.

In order for a project to really change something, all involved parties need to be involved and on the same page. Therefore, we do not just leave you with a consultant’s report on your desk. We use professional anthropological empathy and participatory design methods to engage you and the people you are in contact with.

Testing and developing concrete solutions together with the users is a prerequisite to getting them right.

You can commission design as a prototype project, if you want to develop and qualify new solutions where both you and your target audience are co-creators of these solutions. It is called co-creation or co-make. It is called agile sprint or small launches. It is called Minimum Viable Product or MVP. Designing at Contexto is quick, targeted, tangible, hits the mark and reduces costs.

Contexto delivers products and solutions that work in practice because they are developed in practice.

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